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completeCasesDS: an assign function called by ds.completeCases


Identifies and strips out all rows of a data.frame, matrix or vector that contain NAs.





This argument determines the input data.frame, matrix or vector from which rows with NAs are to be stripped. The <x1.transmit> argument is fully specified by the <x1> argument of the ds.completeCases function.


In the case of a data.frame or matrix, completeCasesDS identifies all rows containing one or more NAs and deletes those rows altogether. Any one variable with NA in a given row will lead to deletion of the whole row. In the case of a vector, completeCasesDS acts in an equivalent manner but there is no equivalent to a 'row' and so it simply strips out all observations recorded as NA. ds.completeCASES is analogous to the complete.cases function in native R. Limited additional information can therefore be found under help("complete.cases") in native R.


a modified data.frame, matrix or vector from which all rows containing at least one NA have been deleted. This modified object is written to the serverside in each source. In addition, two validity messages are returned indicating whether <newobj> has been created in each data source and if so whether it is in a valid form. If its form is not valid in at least one study - e.g. because a disclosure trap was tripped and creation of the full output object was blocked - ds.completeCases also returns any studysideMessages that can help explain the error in creating the full output object. As well as appearing on the screen at run time,if you wish to see the relevant studysideMessages at a later date you can use the ds.message function. If you type ds.message("newobj") it will print out the relevant studysideMessage from any datasource in which there was an error in creating <newobj> and a studysideMessage was saved. If there was no error and <newobj> was created without problems no studysideMessage will have been saved and ds.message("newobj") will return the message: "ALL OK: there are no studysideMessage(s) on this datasource".


Paul Burton for DataSHIELD Development Team

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]