getWGSRDS {dsBase}R Documentation

Computes the WHO Growth Reference z-scores of anthropometric data


Calculate WHO Growth Reference z-score for a given anthropometric measurement This function is similar to R function getWGSR from the zscorer package.


getWGSRDS(sex, firstPart, secondPart, index, standing = NA, thirdPart = NA)



the name of the binary variable that indicates the sex of the subject. This must be coded as 1 = male and 2 = female. If in your project the variable sex has different levels, you should recode the levels to 1 for males and 2 for females using the ds.recodeValues DataSHIELD function before the use of the ds.getWGSR.


Name of variable specifying:
Weight (kg) for BMI/A, W/A, W/H, or W/L
Head circumference (cm) for HC/A
Height (cm) for H/A
Length (cm) for L/A
MUAC (cm) for MUAC/A
Sub-scapular skinfold (mm) for SSF/A
Triceps skinfold (mm) for TSF/A
Give a quoted variable name as in (e.g.) "weight". Be careful with units (weight in kg; height, length, head circumference, and MUAC in cm, skinfolds in mm).


Name of variable specifying:
Age (days) for H/A, HC/A, L/A, MUAC/A, SSF/A, or TSF/A
Height (cm) for BMI/A, or W/H
Length (cm) for W/L
Give a quoted variable name as in (e.g.) "age". Be careful with units (age in days; height and length in cm).


The index to be calculated and added to data. One of:
bfa BMI for age
hca Head circumference for age
hfa Height for age
lfa Length for age
mfa MUAC for age
ssa Sub-scapular skinfold for age
tsa Triceps skinfold for age
wfa Weight for age
wfh Weight for height
wfl Weight for length
Give a quoted index name as in (e.g.) "wfh".


Variable specifying how stature was measured. If NA (default) then age (for "hfa" or "lfa") or height rules (for "wfh" or "wfl") will be applied. This must be coded as 1 = Standing; 2 = Supine; 3 = Unknown. Missing values will be recoded to 3 = Unknown. Give a single value (e.g."1"). If no value is specified then height and age rules will be applied.


Name of variable specifying age (in days) for BMI/A. Give a quoted variable name as in (e.g.) "age". Be careful with units (age in days).


The function computes the WHO Growth Reference z-scores of anthropometric data for weight, height or length, MUAC, head circumference, sub-scapular skinfold and triceps skinfold. Note that the function might fail or return NAs when the variables are outside the ranges given in the WGS (WHO Child Growth Standards) reference (i.e. 45 to 120 cm for height and 0 to 60 months for age). It is up to the user to check the ranges and the units of their data.


ds.getWGSR assigns a numeric vector that includes the z-scores for the specified index.


Demetris Avraam for DataSHIELD Development Team

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]