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Secure ranking of "V2BR" (vector to be ranked) across all sources


takes key non-disclosive components of the serverside data frame blackbox.output.df over to the clientside to enable global ranking.




Severside aggregate function called by ds.ranksSecure. The non-disclosive components of blackbox.output.df that are transmitted to the clientside are: (1) final values of the "combined real+pseudo data vector" after all seven rounds of encryption have been completed; (2) a set of sequential IDs allocated after sorting the "combined real+pseudo data vector" by value (in ascending order). This allows later re-linkage of values back on the serverside and confirmation that that linkage is correct. For more details about the cluster of functions that collectively enable secure global ranking and estimation of global quantiles see the associated document entitled "secure.global.ranking.docx". Also see the header file for ds.ranksSecure


the non-disclosive elements of blackbox.output.df (see details) on the serverside as a data frame object (called blackbox.output) on the clientside. After processing to create the global ranks across all studies, this is returned to the serverside as the data frame sR4.df using the clientside function ds.dmtC2S


Paul Burton 9th November, 2021

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]