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Secure ranking of "V2BR" (vector to be ranked) across all sources


Checks that the data frame produced in creating the initial global ranks (ranks based on real and pseudo-data after the running of blackBoxDS)has the correct dimensions and order as the serverside data frames to which it will now be appended. If either the number of rows or the order of the rows are inconsistent with the pre-existing data frames on the serverside an error message is returned and the processing stops. Then strips out the pseudo-data leaving solely the global ranks based just on the real data




Severside assign function called by ds.ranksSecure. It works on the on the output created by serverside function ranksSecureDS1 and saved on the serverside in data frame sR4.df by ds.dmtC2S. Having checked QA it strips out all rows corresponding to pseudo-data. The resultant data frame contains the following vectors: (1) the fully encrypted V2BR (after application of blackBoxDS);(2) "ID.by.val" the sequential ID associated with the "combined real+pseudo data vector" sorted by value (ascending); (3) "studyid", a vector consisting solely of value n in the nth study; (4) "global.rank" the vector containing global ranks created by the clientside code in ds.ranksSecure after ranksSecureDS1 is called and up to the point where ds.dmtC2S sends sR4.df to the serverside. For more details about the cluster of functions that collectively enable secure global ranking and estimation of global quantiles see the associated document entitled "secure.global.ranking.docx". Also see the header file for ds.ranksSecure


creates a new data frame sR5.df on the serverside containing solely the real data and including key elements needed for next stage of the ranking process. Most crucially these include "global.rank" and "ID.by.val" sorted in ascending order of the magnitude of V2BR


Paul Burton 9th November, 2021

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