table2DDS {dsBase}R Documentation

table2DDS (aggregate function) called by ds.table2D


This function generates a 2-dimensional contingency table where potentially disclosive cells (based on a set threshold) are replaced by a missing value ('NA').


table2DDS(xvect, yvect)



a numerical vector with discrete values - usually a factor.


a numerical vector with discrete values - usually a factor.


It generates 2-dimensional contingency tables where valid (non-disclosive) tables are defined as those where none of their cells have counts between 1 and the set threshold "". When the ouput table is invalid all cells except the total counts are replaced by missing values. Only the total counts are visible on the table returned to the client side. A message is also returned with the 2-dimensional table; the message says "invalid table - invalid counts present" if the table is invalid and 'valid table' otherwise.


a list which contains two elements: 'table', the 2-dimensional table and 'message' a message which informs about the validity of the table.


Amadou Gaye, Paul Burton, Demetris Avraam for DataSHIELD Development Team

[Package dsBase version 6.3.0 ]