ds.listServersideFunctions {dsBaseClient}R Documentation

ds.listServersideFunctions calling no server-side functions


Lists all current server-side functions


ds.listServersideFunctions(datasources = NULL)



specifies the particular opal object(s) to use. If the <datasources> argument is not specified the default set of opals will be used. The default opals are called default.opals and the default can be set using the function ds.setDefaultOpals. If the <datasources> is to be specified, it should be set without inverted commas: e.g. datasources=opals.em or datasources=default.opals. If you wish to apply the function solely to e.g. the second opal server in a set of three, the argument can be specified as: e.g. datasources=opals.em[2]. If you wish to specify the first and third opal servers in a set you specify: e.g. datasources=opals.em[c(1,3)]


Uses dsadmin.get_methods function from opaladmin package to list all assign and aggregate functions on the available opal servers. The only choice of arguments is in datasources; i.e. which studies to interrogate. Once the studies have been selected ds.listServersideFunctions lists all assign functions for all of these studies and then all aggregate functions for all of them.


list containing all serverside functions by study. Firstly lists assign and then aggregate functions.


Burton, PR.

[Package dsBaseClient version 5.0.0 ]