findLoginObjects {dsBetaTestClient}R Documentation

searches for opal login object in the environment


This is an internal function required by a client function




if the user does not set the argument 'datasources', this function is called to searches for opal login objects in the environment. If only one opal object is found, it automatically becomes the default selection. If more than one is found but one is called 'default.opals' then that is selected. If more than one is found with none is called 'default.opals' the user is told that they can either specify a particular Opal using the 'datasources=' argument that exists in every relevant datashield client-side function or else they can use the 'ds.setDefaultOpals()' function to create a copy of a selected Opal objects which is called 'default.opals' and is then selected by default in future calls to findLoginObjects. If the default Opal object needs to be changed then 'ds.setDefaultOpals()' can be run again. A previous version of 'findLoginObjects()' asked the user to specify which Opal to choose if no default could be identified, but that did not work in all versions of R and so was removed.


returns a list of opal login objects or stops the process


Gaye A; Burton PR

[Package dsBetaTestClient version 0.2.0 ]